My Mind’s Eye

Wispy sky of pink and blue,
Makes me only think of you;
Morning sky, in my mind’s eye,
Leads me to this song.

Taking time to think of you,
Wispy sky of pink and blue;
Bright sunrise, in my mind’s eye,
Make my feelings strong.

The beauty of horizons,
The beauty of your eyes;
Are things that make my mind erase a world that’s full of lies.

Taking time to be here now,
Following a mindful vow;
To stop and smell the roses,
That bloom from day to day.

Wispy skies of blue and pink,
Can only help me stop and think;
Those brilliant skies, in my mind’s eye,
Can make me feel this way.

The beauty of horizons, The beauty of your eyes; are things that make my mind erase a world that’s full of lies.

Copyright 2019 MDC


Driving Through The Apple

“I see the Empire State Building,”
He said with eyes a-wide.
“We’ll be driving past it,”
I smiled as I replied.

“Can I see it close up, from my side of the van?”
“Just look right out your window Son,
I’m certain that you can.

“Thank you, Dad! This is great, we’ll see Flat Iron, too?”
“No son, that is downtown, but a tunnel we’ll go through. “

“Oh cool. We’ll go through it? Is it by the Guggenheim?”
“No Son, that is uptown, we’ll be through it in no time. “

“You mean the tunnel? Don’t you Dad? That’s what we’re going through?”
“That’s right Son, it’s called Midtown, we’ll hit the Lincoln, too. “

“We learned about the city, Dad,
This year in class, in school.”
“Hey, there’s a yellow taxi,
The city is so cool!”

“That’s Madison Square Garden? How come it’s shape is round?”
“Hey there’s the Chrysler Building, it’s over there uptown.”

“Thanks for taking this road Dad. Seeing this is fun!”
“I’m glad you like it, little man! No problem, Jack my son.”

Copyright 2019 MDC

Seems Like Yesterday

It seems like only yesterday,
That I first saw your face;
Laid down to nap, a stocking cap,
A site I still embrace.

It seems like only yesterday,
That I first saw you smile;
Talking to the plant up high,
And pointing all the while.

It seems like only yesterday,
You wandered from the truth;
On April Fools you said that there’s a beetle on my tooth.

As the Dad, I’m very glad,
To see your dreams come true;
And as your Dad, I’m sometimes sad,
Because I’m missing you.

It seems like only yesterday,
We’d stack a pile of blocks;
You’d run fast to knock them down,
In diapers, hat and socks.

It seems like only yesterday,
You saw your first parade;
On Patty’s Day, down Montauk way;
You yelled and cheered and waved.

Like the song, my yesterdays,
Came so suddenly;
The difference is I’m twice the man,
That I used to be.

Because of you and what you do,
I’m better than before;
As my son, you are the one,
Who opened up the door.

A door that leads to happiness,
A door that helps me grow;
You’ve done so much to get me through,
It’s more than you could know.

I hope I’ve done the same for you,
I give you all I have;
It’s too bad there is no book,
On how to be a Dad.

I tried to learn from my mistakes,
I yelled and screamed too much;
Many situations showed,
I didn’t have the touch.

No matter what I said or did,
Please always keep in mind;
I’m sorry if I made you cry,
Or treated you unkind.

So thanks for always being there,
Thank you for your love;
I cherish every thought of you,
And thank the stars above.

2018 Rap

Women’s Rights, Party Fights and violence fill the air,
White men show minorities
They truly do not care.

Each step up
Is two steps back,
To times that weren’t right.
A time when opportunity was great… if you were white.

Statues falling, names a calling
Torches, chants and death.
People fighting endlessly
Until their final breath.

Standing up for our beliefs
We’ve done it all before.
But this time moves so differently,
It’s rotten to the core.

The world perceives a weakened state,
A red and blue divide.
They could walk in and take it all
But haven’t even tried.

There’s no need to interfere
Or try to get involved
They sit and watch and wait it out,
To see if it’s resolved.

This fight within, it is a sin,
Embarrassing and wrong;
To say that we’ll make changes,
Then play the same old song.

We need to come together
As Americans once more,
We need to feel the hope, the love,
And stop internal war.

A wise man said, “The answer friend,”
“Is blowing in the wind.”
That wind of change is what will make
Our country great again.

It’s not the narcissism ,
It’s not the constant lies,
It IS the fact the stubborn base
Won’t open up their eyes.

We all have rights to our beliefs,
No ones right or wrong.
But we say that we will change
Then play the same old song.

This time round, please make it count,
Get off your ass and vote.
Turn off Fox and CNN,
Put down the damn remote.

Women and minorities
Fought so they’d be heard,
Now’s the time to raise your voice,
And make them feel your words.

The Dentist

Dentists have been the subject of comedic routines and bits since they first uttered the words, “You need to floss more.”

Which, by the way, is the only requirement for passing dental school. As long as you can say, “You need to floss more.” AND shake your head disapprovingly, you graduate.

Clearly they don’t need to know anything about painless dentistry or giving needles and avoiding that really tender spot under your tongue that shoots a pain through your eyeball into your brain. They just preface all that with, “You’re gonna feel a pinch.” Yeah… no shit.

So the Dentist isn’t exactly our favorite experience yet we continue to joke about going there.

But the laughter always seems to be a little different for those jokes when comedians tell them. Did you ever notice that?

It’s more of a nervous laugh. People chuckle but are thinking, “Oh shit, I’m late for my six month visit. I gotta floss!”

I believe that being at the Dentist is the one time in life where you should be allowed – by law – to hold the Dentist by the testicles ( if appropriate ) while they are working on you.

Why? Because they are liars! How often have you heard, besides the line about feeling a pinch, “You’re gonna feel some pressure.”

If you have a good grip on his balls, you can say, “Ok, well so are you.” Same result? I doubt it.

I believe the difference between pressure, pinch and pain will suddenly become very clear.

I haven’t figured out how to handle the woman Dentist yet. Any ideas?